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Quaker News

This page displays recent News items. Older News is stored in the originating MM or Committee pages. Use the search bar to locate old news items.

Quakers in Aotearoa have added support to a statement made by West Papuan Religious Leaders.


Quakers in Aotearoa see the current global pandemic as an opportunity for reassessment and re-evaluation. 

See the statement from our Yearly Meeting 


Invitation to a Quaker Climate Emergency Forum on Zoom Time: May 27, 2020 3pm start,  02:30 PM opening. 

Various Local Meetings continued to meet and worship together during the COVID-19 lockdown using Zoom.  Quakers found Zoom a useful way to gather together when meeting in person was not possib

Northern Monthly Meeting invited the community to visit their Meeting House in Mt Eden, Auckland on Saturday February 15.


Aotearoa Friends support for Australian Friends at time of devastating fires.

Taranaki Friends celebrated World Quaker Day on 6 October 2019 with morning tea and fellowship followed by Meeting for Worship and Monthly Meeting.

Quakers in Aotearoa New Zealand express heartfelt sympathy to all members of the Islamic faith at this time of tragic death and injury inflicted on worshippers in the two mosques in Christchurch.

At Taranaki Monthly Meeting on Sunday 7 October 2018, we celebrated World Quaker Day with morning tea including a "Quaker" chocolate cake in honour of George Cadbury as a leader who demon

Our outreach for 2018 is to hire a meeting room for the 2nd Sunday of the month and promote it as an event in the local Midweek Taranaki What's On pages and the New Plymouth D