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Friends World Committee for Consultation

The great majority of Yearly Meetings throughout the world are affiliated to Friends World Committee for Consultation, a worldwide organization, headquartered in London, that promotes fellowship among the various branches of Quakers.  LInk here.

The Religious Society of Friends Aotearoa New Zealand belongs to the Asia-West Pacific Section of FWCC. You can contact the FWCC representatives at fwcc-awps@ym.quakers.nz.

The role of our representatives is:

  • to attend FWCC section and International Representative meetings,
  • to share their knowledge and insight gained from FWCC activity with their local meetings and Yearly Meeting and through Friends Newsletter etc.,
  • to discuss FWCC issues with appropriate Quaker Committees before FWCC meetings,
  • to distribute FWCC’s 2 – 3 newsletters each year to all Quaker Meetings, and
  • to co-ordinate the travel & itinerary of overseas Asia-West Pacific guests invited to attend YM and local Meetings. 

FWCC Newsletter

1 March 2019 Webinar on North Korea