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Grants Available

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Grants open to Public

Grants for Quakers

You can support our work through Bequests and Donations.

Local Peace Grants

QPSANZ's "Local Peace Grants" try to boost the morale and the finances of small groups in NZ seeking to strengthen peace, cooperation and understanding, often on the grassroots level. The aim of the grant is inspired by the local/global thinking of Maggie Glover, the English-born peace artist who settled here.
The grant is available from Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa New Zealand (QPSANZ)

Applications close on 30th April and 15th September.

The grant is open to all.

Local Peace Grants application forms can be found below, the maximum per grant is $1000.

See how to submit a Local Peace Grant Application

Loxley Award

The Loxley Award has been established to assist New Zealanders, Quakers or non-Quakers, to undertake a study programme or project of their choosing, in New Zealand or abroad, which promotes understanding of peace, justice and environmental issues.

The grant is available from Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa New Zealand (QPSANZ)

Applications close 15 November each year.

The application, instructions, and referee form may be downloaded from Loxley_Application_Package

For more information contact: loxley@qps.quakers.nz

The John Holdsworth Endowment Fund

This fund provides grants towards the education of members and attenders of the Religious Society of Friends.

Margaret Caverhill Scholarship

Margaret Caverhill Scholarship: Quaker Education Fund (QEF) is offering funding bi annually for the years ending in even numbers e.g. 2026, 2028 etc. for educational activities that would not otherwise be possible with small grants. The scholarship may go to one or more recipients. Deadline date for applications is 30th October of the preceding year e.g. 2025 fro 2026. Apply to convenor@qef.quakers.nz

The Tessa Malcolm Scholarship

This scholarship is offered in alternate years to the Margaret Caverhill Scholarship and is an opportunity for students under age 35 to obtain a scholarship worth up to $20,000. It may be devided among applicants.

Contact: Quaker Education Fund at convenor@qef.quakers.nz

Tessa Malcolm generously bequeathed these funds with the provision “to provide a supporting scholarship to assist a Young Friend who holds fast to Quaker values through university or other tertiary education.”

QEF will accept applications for full or part time study; to start or complete a qualification and within a single or across multiple years.

Applicants must have been involved in Quaker worship groups or meeting and/or active participants in Quaker activities such as Young Friends Camps, Summer Gatherings or Yearly Meeting Committees. Applicants must have a letter of support from their pastoral care committee or others within Quakers who know of their study plans and the relevance for the individual.

If you wish to apply, the QEF handbook is available with the information that you will need. Send a request to handbook@qef.quakers.nz.

The deadline for application is usually 30th October for the following year 'odd' numbered year e.g., 30th October 2024 for funding starting 2025 and so on.

The Testimonies Fund

The fund enables Friends and other organisations to put our Quaker Testimonies (peace, simplicity, equality, integrity and religious witness) into action.

We are particularly interested in projects which focus on problem solving, preferably addressing root causes rather than quick fixes.

Grants have ranged from $300 to $23,000 with most grants being under $5,000.

See more information on the fund, grant criteria and application forms.