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Our Organisation

Quakers throughout the world are grouped into autonomous organisations which we call 'Yearly Meetings', each with its own customs and practices. In the USA there are many Yearly Meetings; in New Zealand there is only one. There is no central international authority for Quakers although a committee in London, Friends World Committee for Consultation, has a coordinating role among Quakers worldwide.
The fundamental organisational unit of Quakers in Aotearoa is the local Meeting, generally called a 'worship group'. These gather for worship on a regular basis, normally each Sunday. Smaller Meetings/worship groups may meet fortnightly or monthly, and for a few not on Sunday. All the Meetings/worship groups in a region are part of an area Meeting called a 'Monthly Meeting' (because it meets monthly to conduct business).

Our Yearly Meeting is the umbrella organisation bringing together all the Aotearoa New Zealand Monthly Meetings.
The term 'Yearly Meeting' is used to describe both the corporate body of New Zealand Quakers and its annual business meeting. There are a number of appointments, usually for a three year term, to Yearly Meeting positions, such as the Clerk (our name for the leading position in the organisation), Treasurer and various committees. You can read about those Committees on this page and in more detail on the Engage page.