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Wider Quaker Fellowship

The Wider Quaker Fellowship (WQF) is an association of people of diverse backgrounds, Quaker and non-Quaker, wanting some connection with the Religious Society of Friends.

Quaker life is based on gatherings (such as Worship Groups, Monthly Meetings, Yearly meeting, Summer Gathering workshops and seminars).

There are many people in New Zealand who consider themselves to be Quakers, but for some reasons of distance or health may be prevented from attending Quaker Meetings.

The Wider Quaker Fellowship aims to keep these Friends in touch by correspondence.

  • Contact is maintained via Wider Quaker Fellowship Letters, emailed or posted.
  • Letters are based on themes relevant to the Quaker Way giving information and comment about personal, local and national Quaker activities.
  • The letters are written, collated and distributed by the WQF Clerk.
  • Comment and financial donations are welcome.
  • You can email the Wider Quaker Fellowship Clerk at clerk@wqf.quakers.nz.

Links to archived Letters are given below. It is hoped that these may encourage isolated Friends and other people with an interest in Quaker thinking to join the Fellowship.