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Earth Friends

A Call to Action

In reponse to Covid-19 Lockdown, friends across New Zealand worked through Zoom to define changes which Quakers could endorse to mitigate climate change and bring about essential changes in people's behaviours and political decision making.

Here is the resulting 2020 statement endorsed by the Yearly Meeting: A Call to Action 


Spritual responses to Climate change

Here is a thought provoking collation of 15 Friends' thoughts on Climate Change and Spirituality from a series of interviews by Bobbie Woodward with Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

Some of these stories use the words of the participants, and some use Bobbie's account of the interview. In all of them, the deep love of the earth, and care for our rich and mysterious environment comes through loud and strong.

These are wonderful stories, brief but inspiring. Reading them will expand your own desire to live simply, love well, and revere the Earth.  
You can read the account by clicking on a name. You can also donwload it as a single document.
You can also view and/or download a single document containing all accounts.


Earth Friends

Earth Friends are stories about how various friends have attempted to adapt their life styles to fit their vision of the Quakers testimonies of Simplicity and Sustainability. Click on a name to read.