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It is Climate Action Week here in Nelson and Quakers are going to spend a few hours tomorrow making postcards to send to MPs urging them to act with greater urgency on the Climate Emergency. I'm wondering if this is just a Nelson thing or if the same thing is happening elsewhere in the Motu. Cheers, Christine

6 of us spent a couple of hours after Meeting for Worship today writing encouraging letters to Mnisters, Associate Ministers, Parliamentary Under-Secretaries and MPs, encouraging them to extend and strengthen the Carbon Emissions scheme. It was fun, especially Lawrence's letter to the Act Party drawing attention to the Australian election. Peter Kemp brought along lots of coloured card, maps of electorates, and lists of MPs. Everyone can do it!  Imagine your delight if you are a back bench MP and you get a supportive postcard. It might encourage you to try harder.

I came here from the Explore menu on the home page. At the bottom of the listed pages is Comments & Questions. I hoped to see comments left by other visitors to the website. I think that is how comments pages are best to work. I'm looking forward to the page working properly because I am very interested in what interests other visitors.

I can't see who (whom?) I should contact re the Bay of Island MfW contact details.  I noticed (not having seen the draft) that our contact details on the first page of the final copy, give a Kaitaia number for me, which is not only unfamiliar to me, but to Kaitaia Quakers too.  Now on the website, I see another unfamiliar number is given for me. 

My phone number is the mobile one on the page with the lists of members. The other contact for our group is Jane Banfield, who is overseas now and probably for the rest of the year.  

Please could someone correct these asap?  


Valerie Dickson

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