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Tears, Love and Laughter by Sylvia Sanderson

Tears, Love and Laughter: Bill and Sil’s Amazing New Zealand Adventure by Sylvia Sanderson

This is the story of Sylvia Sanderson and Bill Shaw who came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2011.

Their intended journey was turned upside down. They had planned to travel to Christchurch, and were to have taken up the positions of Resident Friends for a year at the Quaker Meeting House. However, this wasn’t to be so straight forward. They had resigned from their jobs, Sil had sold her house, then the news came through that the Meeting House and their accommodation had been red zoned and was due for demolition.

The Canterbury Plains of the South Island of New Zealand were being rocked and rolled by earthquakes and aftershocks. Travel arrangements were changed – risks thought through – but they would make the journey. Despite environmental challenges these two very different characters began their adventure. Little did they know it would become a time for tears, love, and laughter. Join them as they travel through the devastated streets of Christchurch and across the two islands of New Zealand.

Tales of penguins on beaches, glaciers, thermal pools, ever changing scenery and an insight into some of the history of this fascinating country. Sometimes witty, sometimes sombre. This is Bill and Sil’s Amazing New Zealand Adventure.

Available in print or Kindle versions from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075V8S3MX Tears, Love and Laughter