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Quaker Meetings


Quakers use the term Meetings to refer to groups of people who come together regularly for worship, fellowship, and mutual encouragement for living in accordance with Quaker values.

Local Quaker meetings are also called Worship Groups, and are listed in the local Quaker pages.

There are 31 Quaker Worship Groups throughout New Zealand, including a Young Friends Meeting. They vary in size from fewer than ten people to more than 100. Most meet weekly, usually on a Sunday, but please check with your local group as some meet less frequently.

Local meetings are grouped into regional areas, which we call ‘Monthly Meetings’ (because they meet once a month for matters of business). 

The role of the Monthly Meeting is to oversee the business and material and spiritual needs of all the Meetings and Friends in its area. A Meeting that takes on many but not all of the responsibilities of a Monthly Meeting is called a 'Recognised' Meeting. Nelson is a Recognised Meeting.

Yearly Meeting means both the annual general meeting of Quakers, usually held in a different part of the country in May each year, and the national community of Quakers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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