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Tauranga Weekend Sun newspaper article

Tauranga Quakers Featured in the Weekend Sun, 4th  Sept.


For more information - see Facebook Page: Quakers Tauranga  or:

    on the Call for Action - Ph Gray Southon 0211 020 977

    on the Peace Pole Project - Ph Samuel Hartman 02102742502


For Text of Call for Action – see here

Text of letter:

It has been an amazing few months in which a tiny virus has insinuated itself on the world’s nations forcing radical changes in attitudes and practices around the world. It has prompted a shift in thinking at all levels, from greed and selfishness to kindness compassion and caring. This is affecting the values of our society  particularly towards our vulnerable elderly. It has highlighted the critical importance of clear communication, integrity and strong national leadership as well a revision of economic and administrative systems that will best serve the interests of the country. We hope that we may further transform our society in the interests of future generations.

Many experts have noted that the seriousness of the threat of the Covid Virus is dwarfed by that of global warming and other sustainability failures. In particular, the values of profit and consumption well beyond those needed, while ignoring the destruction of our natural environment and the effect of  pollution on our health.

We have the opportunity now of creating a new sense of community and purpose to carry us into a better future for coming generations.

Let the Light of the Spirit which has inspired people through the generations into social and environmental action guide us with the values of peace, simplicity, sustainability and equity. 

Quakers call upon every peron to bring about whatever changes they can to enable us to live in harmony with one another and with the planet.

To this end Quakers have produced a document titled A CALL FOR ACTION containing suggestions on how this can be achieved.


We also invite you to join us in our Peace Project. There are more than 200 000 Peace Poles around the world. 

Each one has the words " MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH" written on it in four languages. It is an internationally recognised symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human race.