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Request More Information

There are different ways to find out more about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in New Zealand.

  • The simplest is to go along to a Friends Meeting and meet some Friends there. Enquirers are always welcome. You can simply turn up at the stated time*. Try to arrive a little earlier so that someone can explain what to do.
  • If you prefer, you can ring the number given for a local contact person* at the local meeting to talk about Quakers before going to a Meeting.
  • You can borrow some books from the library in any Friends' Meeting House.
  • You can purchase books through the Quaker Book Sales in the Connect menu.
  • If you prefer, fill in the on-line contact form.

Your confidence will be respected. We respect people's privacy. In no contact you may have with our Society will any commitment be expected of you or any pressure placed on you.

* To find a Quaker Meeting near you, the times of meetings and the contact person, select the option to Find Quakers Near You (which is also in the Connect menu).  Alternatively, click the Location Map in the grey bar at the top of your screen.