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Quaker Historical Archives

Quaker Archives

The activities of the Yearly Meeting generate material that could be of value in the future.  The Yearly Meeting Archivist collects material relating to the activities of the Yearly Meeting and its Committees. 

  • The archives are held in the annex, Mt Eden Friends Centre, Auckland.
  • A deposit of archival material is made every ten years to the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington.
  • Contact the Archivist for access.

Depositing material with the YM Archivist:

  • Members and Monthly Meetings with back copies of documents they no longer wish to store can offer these to the Archivist.
  • Receipt will be acknowledged. 
  • If it is not already clear, the Archivist will request information on the expectations of the contributor. Sometimes sensitive records are kept sealed and only made available after a specified time.

Some material from the Yearly Meeting archives and from other Monthly Meetings in Aotearoa New Zealand is held in the Alexander Turnbull Library which is part of the National Library of New Zealand.  

  • To see the range of items deposited enter “Religious Society of Friends” into the search box.  
  • To access physical items that have been deposited in the Alexander Turnbull Library you will need to visit the Alexander Turnbull Library in person.
  • For details about accessing items see here.

Depositing material with the Alexander Turnbull Library:

  • Many Meetings use the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington to store copies of their minutes and other documents of historical interest. Click here to see how to donate.
  • Researchers are advised to consult the Alexander Turnbull Library collection lists to locate such documents.


This page last updated March 2019