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Committees & Resource People - furthering the work of Quakers Aotearoa.

Our Yearly Meeting is the umbrella organisation that brings local Quaker groups and individuals across New Zealand together. The work of Yearly Meeting is supported by individuals and Committees of volunteers who are proposed by a Nominations Committee and appointed by Yearly Meeting to organise our activities:

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Yearly Meeting Committees, Groups and Resource Contacts

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The Friends Mutual Assistance Fund (FMAF) is a fund dedicated to the support of people in our meetings or their families when they are in need. 

The Quaker Handbook of Practice and Procedure is a practical and informative guide to Quaker practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Handbook Committee has the task of continually revising and clarifying the content of the Handbook. 

The John Holdsworth Endowment Fund was established by Charles J. Holdsworth with a capital of $7806, and has since been added to by members of his family. 

This page is for the use of the Junior Young Friends (JYF) local arrangements committee to store minutes and any other documents relevant to the running of JYF camps each year.


The Nominations Committee is part of our national structure and shares the responsibilities for the effective running of our Society.  

The Quaker Penal Reform Committee is active in promoting a compassionate, rehabilitative justice system in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The Quaker Education Fund (QEF) Committee makes grants, large and small, to both individuals and groups primarily to support the education of members, attenders and their children.

​Quakers are first and foremost a spiritual community and nurturing our spiritual heart and developing and supporting initiatives for learning throughout the country are part of the role of the Committee for Quaker learning and spiritual development.

The Quaker Lecture is held each year at different venues in New Zealand usually in conjunction with the annual Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends.  

The Yearly Meeting oral historians make high quality recordings of interviews with Friends, and then add an abstract (essentially a timed index) and other documentation to each recording. 

QPSANZ funds a range of groups and activities which align with its peace and service mission. 

The Quaker Peace and Service Trust (QPST) is responsible for the financial management of bequests and donations made specifically to Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa New Zealand (QPSANZ). 

Quakers have a library of framed photographs of the Quaker Tapestries illustrating Quaker history. These can be loaned for promotions and displays.

Meetings throughout Aotearoa can consult with the Respect and Safety Committee to help resolve conflicts between Friends and within Meetings. 

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This fund enables Friends to put Testimonies (peace, simplicity, equality, integrity, sustainability) and religious witness into action. 

The Treaty Relationships Group is active on behalf of Friends in lobbying and networking, as well as educating Meetings on Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

The Trust Board, incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1955, is the body legally established to facilitate the ownership of property by Yearly Meeting, its subsidiary Meetings, committees and trusts. The formal name is the Religious Society of Friends Aotearoa New Zealand Trust Board but is commonly referred to as The Trust Board.

The Website Technical Services team are responsible for the smooth running of the Quaker website and to assist with any technical issues or access issues.

The Whanganui Educational Settlement Trust (WEST) is made up of representatives of the Quaker Monthly (area) Meetings together with 3 representatives from the Quaker Settlement and a Secretary.

The administration of the Yearly Meeting is managed by the Yearly Meeting Clerk. The body of Yearly Meeting comprises all the members of the Society who meet annually to conduct business; its Monthly Meetings, which contribute to joint decision making throughout the year; and its committees who do the work of the Society.

These pages are for the use of the Yearly Meeting Local Arrangements Committee to store minutes and relevant documents.

The Yearly Meeting Outreach committee assists Yearly Meeting, Monthly Meetings and local Meetings to proactively reach out to the public to explain about Quakers and Quaker values, and to welcome visitors. 

 The Yearly Meeting Archivist collects material relating to the activities of the Yearly Meeting and its Committees. 

The Yearly Meeting Library and Resource Centre is a collection that is only available to Friends in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The YM Privacy Officer position has been created to record and report any breaches of the Privacy Act 2020 as required by law.