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Email Addresses For Yearly Meeting & Young Friends

Contact information for Worship Groups and Monthly Meetings is available via Find Local Quaker Pages and Find a Monthly Meeting, both in the Connect menu.

Lists of Monthly Meeting appointments are located on the relevant Monthly Meeting pages.

A full list of Yearly Meeting Appointments is on the Yearly Meeting page available to logged in users through ENGAGE/ Administration & Governance/ Yearly Meeting Appointments

Email Addresses for Yearly Meeting (YM) Roles & Committees and Young Friends

 YM Clerk
 YM Treasurer
 YM Archivist
 YM Faith & Practice Revision Committee
 YM Local Arrangements Committee
 YM Librarian
 YM Nominations Committee
 YM Oral Historian
 YM Privacy Officer
 YM Respect & Safety Committee
 YM & SG Coordinator
 YM Quaker Tapestry Curator
 JYF Camp Local Arrangements
 Junior Young Friends Coordinator
 Society of Friends ANZ Trust Board Clerk
 Society of Friends ANZ Trust Board Treasurer
 Summer Gathering Local Planning
 Website Oversight Committee
 Website Technical Support Helpdesk
 Website Techncial Support Team


 YM COMMITTEES & OUTREACH               
 ANZ Friends Newsletter
 Children & Young People Support
 Climate Contact
 Friends Mutual Assistance Fund
 FWCC Asia West Pacific Representatives
 Holdsworth Endowment Fund
 Te Ao O Rongomaraeroa (NCPACS) Contact
 Outreach Committee
 Outreach Committee Talk
 Quaker Book Sales
 Quaker Education Fund
 Quaker Learning & Spiritual Development
 Quaker Lecture Committee
 Quaker Peace & Service ANZ Clerk
 Quaker Peace and Service ANZ Treasurer
 Quaker Peace & Service Trust Clerk
 Quaker Peach and Service Trust Treasurer
 Quaker Testimonies Fund
 Rainbow Group
 Treaty Relationships Group
 Whanganui Educational Settlement Trust Clerk
 Whanganui Educational Settlement Trust Treasurer
 Wider Quaker Fellowship


EMAIL ADDRESS                         
 Young Friends Clerkclerk@yf.quakers.nz
ALL MONTHLY MEETINGS                 
 All MM Clerks and YM Clerk & Treasurer clerks@all.quakers.nz                 
 All MM List Holders lists@all.quakers.nz
 All MM News news@all.quakers.nz
 All MM Pastoral & Spiritual Care pastoral-care@all.quakers.nz
 All MM Treasurers treasurers@all.quakers.nz
 All MM User Data Managers (UDMs) udm@all.quakers.nz
 All MM User Support support@all.quakers.nz


  To notify an issue with an email address, please contact help@support.quakers.nz