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Interested in Engaging with Quakers?

In the Explore/Rapua section of this website you can find out more about our style of worship, our values and beliefs. 

If you haven’t done so already, please join us at a Quaker Meeting for Worship. You can find a list of meetings in the Local Pages or through Find Quakers Near You

  • When you arrive at Meeting you will be welcomed as you enter.
  • When you go in, you may sit anywhere and settle in silence as the meeting gathers. 
  • Silent worship is usually about an hour. The silence may be interspersed with spoken contributions – known as ministry.
  • Ministry is received into the silence with an open and receptive spirit - a process known as worshipful listening. This is not the right occasion to discuss or debate issues. Wait in silence for a leading to speak. Sometimes no one will speak but the meeting is still worthwhile as a way to centre your being in the things which are eternal.
  • The meeting concludes with the shaking or joining of hands.
  • There may be announcements, and then you are welcome to stay for refreshments and to chat - some meetings may start with refreshments to welcome those who have travelled to get there.

If you have already started attending a Quaker Meeting, there are many ways to get more involved - from making cups of tea at the end of Meeting, to taking part in a range of activities. Everyone’s service towards maintaining and running our meetings is welcome and appreciated. 

In New Zealand, we are an organisation run by volunteers. Friends may engage in the work of the Society through various committees both locally and by accepting nomination to Yearly Meeting Committees

For those who have already engaged with Quakers, you can find more menu options by logging into this website through the Friends Access button at the top of your screen. Your name needs to be registered on our database to gain Friends Access. Ask your Monthly Meeting Clerk if you are interested in becoming a registered Attender with full website access.