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Quaker News

This page displays recent News items. Older News is stored in the originating MM or Committee pages. Use the search bar to locate old news items.

Christian World Service (CWS) has launched an emergency appeal to assist people who have been affected by the current conflict in the Middle East, particularly Gaza.  The Religious Society of

Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), along with Quaker organisations that work on the ground in Palestine and Israel, has issued a strong call to stop the violence and allow humanitarian access to

We are seeking a Quaker couple to be Resident Friends from April 2024.


Wellington Quakers Thursday morning walking group finished its 25 May walk with late morning "breakfast" food to go with the usual cof

Generation Zero is a predominantly volunteer organisation of mostly young people passionate about advocating and promoting a zero carbon future that is resilient and equitable.

Christian World Service (CWS), of which the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Aotearoa is a partner, has launched an appeal to support families in Turkey and Syria. 

Over the last couple of months Friends and friends have gathered to make Christmas cards to give to prisoners at our local prison.     



A statement on the peace testimony and Ukraine has been agreed and published by the heads of a number of Quaker agencies around the world.

In case you missed it, at the end of September, QPSANZ worked with the Friends World Committee for Consultation— Asia West Pacific Section, to co-host the first ever online ‘taster work