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Quaker News

This page displays recent News items. Older News is stored in the originating MM or Committee pages. Use the search bar to locate old news items.

Tauranga Quakers Featured in the Weekend Sun, 4th  Sept.


The latest Dunedin Quaker episode of Otago Access Radio's Radio Church programme, broadcast on 30th August, features Merrall MacNeille and El

A letter has been sent to Prime Minister Jacinda Adern expressing our concern about the plans Israel has announced for the annexation of Palestinian land in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Quakers in Aotearoa have added support to a statement made by West Papuan Religious Leaders.


Quakers in Aotearoa see the current global pandemic as an opportunity for reassessment and re-evaluation. 

See the statement from our Yearly Meeting 


Taranaki Friends celebrated World Quaker Day on 6 October 2019 with morning tea and fellowship followed by Meeting for Worship and Monthly Meeting.

Quakers participated in Climate Rallies up and down New Zealand in the support of world wide student action.