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Quaker Handbook

The Quaker Handbook

This is a practical and informative guide to Quaker practice in this country. It is not a rigid set of rules and regulations but a description of what seems to have worked best in the past, based on Quaker theology, values and experience.

The 2022 Revised Edition of the Quaker Handbook is now available both as a printed book and as a downloadable pdf which can be read online here.

The new content is in the process of being uploaded to these website pages. The updated version is signaled by the presence of an image in the header. If there is a Q in a grey box, it is still the previous edition.

The Quaker Handbook is intended as a "how to" manual; as a reference book; and as a guide to deepening one's understanding of the Religious Society of Friends. It is useful for those who are new to the Society, have been newly appointed to a committee, have been entrusted with a task rarely performed, want to find out more about Friends' practices, and who wish to reflect more deeply on Quaker life.