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Online Meetings

Some Worship Group Meetings in New Zealand are shared online usually using Zoom. Here is a list and the contact person for obtaining a link:

  • Wellington
    The Wellington Monthly Meeting zooms the following Meetings for Worship:

Sundays at 10:30am
Wednesday’s at 12:15pm
Anyone interested in zooming our Meetings for Worship would contact wn.friendscentre@quaker.org.nz

  • Nelson Recognised Meeting is gathering by Zoom every Sunday at 10am for Meeting for Worship and conversation during Level 2.
    You are also welcome to gather at a Friends' home to join the Zoom Meeting collectively, within number limits.
    If you want to join either the home gathering or the Zoom meeting contact info@quakers-in-nelson.org.nz
  • Dunedin
Zoom meetings on last Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm (NZ time).

Please contact  dn.zoom@quakers.org.nz for details.

  • Northern

Online Meetings for Worship hosted by  Mt Eden Worship Group are offered:

​10am every Sunday

For access to this Meeting including the link please email NT.zoom@quaker.org.nz.

  • Christchurch 

    You are welcome to join the regular Meetings for Worship of the Christchurch Worship Group.  We meet for worship both in-person and online via Zoom at 10:30am every Sunday.  Those joining by Zoom will get to see and hear all that happens in our usual Sunday Meeting at our Quaker Centre.

    If you would like to be put on the list of those invited to these Zoom meetings, please contact Derek at ch.zoom@quaker.org.nz