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Wellington Monthly Meeting (WN)

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Our area covers Wellington, Porirua, Hutt and Wairarapa:

In Quaker terminology "monthly meeting" refers to the Quakers in a geographical area, as well as their periodic meeting for business.  So Wellington Quakers is a "monthly meeting", even though we meet for worship at least weekly. 

Local Worship Groups:

Wellington Quakers includes three worship groups. Click on the following images for information on our activities, or for times and venues:



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Children welcome:

Children are welcome to our meetings for worship. 



Resident Friends Phone: 04 385 4897

Postal address: Wellington Quakers, 8 Moncrieff Street, Wellington 6011

Email: wgtnquakers@gmail.com


Community Links:

We are a founding partner of Downtown Community Ministry (DCM Wellington).


Visiting Friends:

Overnight accommodation for Visiting Friends at George Fox House next to the Quaker Centre. Contact the Resident Friends on 04 385 4897 or wgtnquakers@gmail.com


Rooms for Hire by Community Groups

Details about the rooms available and how to hire them available here. Contact the Resident Friends on 04 385 4897 or wgtnquakers@gmail.com


Wellington Quakers Library

The Wellington Quakers Library collection has about 850 titles, built up over very many years. Our librarian regularly adds to and updates the collection.


Wellington Quaker History:


Monthly Newsletters:

Aotearoa/New Zealand Friends logged in to the website can review current and past monthly newsletters of Wellington Monthly Meeting (sorry no public access to these)






Worship Group Locations