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Yearly Meeting Outreach Committee

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The role of the Yearly Meeting Outreach Committee is to promote and encourage the connection between Quakers and our communities, locally and nationally. This includes telling Friends’ stories of spiritual seeking and faithful action to those wanting to learn more about Quakers and Quaker values, those looking for a spiritual home, and those wanting to try living the Quaker Way. It includes encouraging Yearly, Monthly and local Meetings to reach out and speak out on concerns that are prompted by our religious understandings and our social and spiritual values. 

The Outreach Committee prepares the outreach content for the national website, has responsibility for encouraging the development of a social media presence and for providing written material for Meetings to use in their own communities.

You can contact the Committee at YMOC@quaker.org.nz

You can talk to a Quaker by clicking on the "connect with a Quaker" button on the Explore/welcome page.



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