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Website Oversight Committee

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This committee was set up by YM2020 Minute 3 and in the YM Clerk's Letter of July 2019, with representatives from Outreach, Technical Services Team, User Support Team, Quaker Learning and Spiritual Development with a neutral convenor. Other groups can be co-opted as necessary. The aim is to oversee the website as a whole, ensuring that content is relevant for outreach and inreach, and that the website conveys accurate information that is appropriate for our Yearly Meeting.

The committee meets via Zoom on a monthly basis.


  • To oversee the overall health, integrity and vitality of the website.
  • To promote compatibility between the technical requirements of the website and Quaker ways of expression and presentation.
  • To ensure consistency throughout the website in correct names, Quaker ways of expression and presentation.
  • To enable effective resolution of situations where conflict of interest in website content/use arises and/or a website user or users find they have experienced disrespect, neglect, misrepresentation, bullying, harassment or other harmful behaviour through the website.
  • To regularly review website statistics, page updates, login and usage reports generated by the Website Technical Services Team and use these reports as tools to allow the group to evaluate the website and its utility, and recommend modifications to the relevant committees.
  • To produce a report to Yearly Meeting through Documents in Advance. To determine policy from time to time as required. 




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