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The Trust Board (ANZTB)

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The Religious Society of Friends Aotearoa New Zealand Trust Board is the body legally established to hold in its name property of Yearly Meeting, its subsidiary Meetings, committees and trusts.

Although Yearly Meeting and Monthly Meetings can hold bank accounts and term investments, they are not legally entitled to hold land, mortgages, Government or local body stock.

The Board provides grants or loans to Monthly Meetings for the upgrade of their buildings and makes investments to enable it to comply with the provisions made for particular funds.

The Trust Board consists of between 6 - 8 members of the Society, nominated by other members and appointed by Yearly Meeting normally for a term of three years with the possibility of re-nomination for a second term.

Trustees must be members of the Religious Society of Friends, active in their local meeting and interested in and aware of the activities of Yearly Meeting.

The Board has a cyclical change of membership. The Board communicates mainly via electronic means but has at least one face-to-face meeting per year.

The Trust operates according to objects and rules set out in a Trust Deed, and in accordance with national law. Details of the placement of responsibilities for properties appear in the appropriate Trust deeds, and also in the rules governing the Board, which may be amended by Yearly Meeting.

The Board’s investment policy is spelled out by the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). An Investment Advisor has been appointed to manage its portfolio of investments under the terms of the SIPO.

The Handbook and Trust Deed are under the tab called Deeds above and can be read by logged on users. Members considering a term on the Board are recommended to read the Handbook before accepting nomination.

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