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Quaker Lecture Committee

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The Quaker Lecture is held each year at different venues in New Zealand usually in conjunction with the annual Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends.  

The lecture which is free and open to the public is an opportunity for Quakers to communicate to the wider community aspects of their faith: the range of topics is consistent with Quaker testimonies and values: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Equality, Sustainability.

The text of the lecture is printed in a booklet and sold on a non-profit basis. 

The lecturers, who are not always Quakers, have included people such as Jeanette Fitzsimons, Jane Kelsey, Bryan Bruce, Marion Hobbs, and Elizabeth Duke.

The Quaker Lecture Committee organises the Lecture, invites possible speakers to submit a proposal, selects the Lecturers, then works with them in the development of their presentation. 





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