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Quaker Education Fund (QEF)

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The Quaker Education Fund (QEF) Committee makes grants, large and small, to both individuals and groups primarily to support the education of members, attenders and their children. It focuses particularly on ways in which the Quaker testimonies of integrity, equality, simplicity, peace and community are developed and used both individually and within our Quaker and wider communities in the form of service or social action.  

The Quaker Education Fund was established at Yearly Meeting 2010 to disburse the monies from the Margaret Caverhill Bequest, and the former School Trust Administration Committee.

Committee appointments have a 4 year term.

The current members are:

  • Esther Cowley-Malcolm: Convenor (Mid-North Island MM)
  • Andrea O’Hagan: Treasurer (Mid-North Island MM)
  • Alan Greenslade-Hibbert (Wellington MM)

What it does:

The purpose of the QEF is to support the education of Members, Attenders and their children.

QEF covers four general areas:

1. Spiritual deepening and growth in the Quaker community.

2. Contributing to the life and work of Meetings including Yearly Meeting.

3. Preparing for Quaker witness in the form of service or social action.

4. General learning and development.

The Committee is guided by the Quaker Education Fund Handbook.


Grants are for both individuals and groups. QEF makes up a budget each year with the grants listed.

  • Small Grants: There are small grants-up to $1000. These may be applied for at any time.
  • Larger Grants: There are larger grants - up to $5000. These larger grants are made in March and September.
  • Two Major Grants: There are two major named grants: the Margaret Caverhill Bequest and Tessa Malcolm Bequest.




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