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Whanganui Quakers Speak Out on COP26

A group of Whanganui Quakers gathered at the Quaker Settlement to make a banner to display outside the Meeting House in Wicksteed St, promoting public awareness of  COP 26.

The United Nations gathering of world leaders, COP 26 will be in Glasgow, Scotland, beginning at the end of October. COP26 is the 26th meeting of the Parties to the 2015 Paris Agreement. Click for more information

Friends have been invited to join Marion Sanson from Whanganui in a vigil on the steps of parliament in Wellington during the time of COP 26.

The purpose of the vigil is to give witness to the significance of the COP26 meeting and the importance of it being successful in agreeing a global pathway for greenhouse gas emission reductions, and hold in the Light the negotiating teams and all who have influence at this time.  
The vigil began on Monday 1 November and will go to Friday 12 November.   There has been a notice at the vigil, with the wording: Vigil for Climate Justice at COP26. 
  Copies of a handout stating the purpose of the vigil will be available for any members of the public, politicians etc who enquire. 
This vigil is joining in spirit Quakers around the world who are finding many creative ways to offer their prayers and support to COP 26.  Read about the many activities of Quakers in Britain. to support COP 26. A number of Quakers have joined marion over the 2 weeks.