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Men's Weekend

Friday, 14 June 2024 - Sunday, 16 June 2024

Welcome all men and those identifying with their inner masculine - cis, intersex, trans, non-binary, all included - to a Quaker Men’s Weekend. 

Come to the circle and explore Quaker Masculinities and their intersections in our lives and communities. Commencing with dinner on Friday at 6.30pm and ending with lunch on Sunday.

There has not been a special-focus “Men’s Weekend” within the Aotearoa NZ Quaker community for some time – and gender identities, masculinities, sexualities, expectations, and social norms around what it is to be “male,” “masculine,” and/or “a man” have been contested, changed, and adapted over recent times.

This weekend aims to create a safe, inclusive space to explore, deepen, and share our perspectives on Quaker masculinities and men’s issues through discussion, worship, art, activities, and Friendship.

All men and those identifying with notions of masculinity (whatever those notions might be) are welcome.

Zoom participation will be available for discussion sessions.  Please register for the zoom link.   We appreciate a contribution of $25 per day for participation by zoom.

Coordinated by Josef Beautrais

Koha - Pay As Led - An Act of Faith for Economic Justice

We are building on two traditions with Pay As Led – reflections and discussions from our wider global Quaker community, along with our Aotearoa New Zealand koha practice and experience.

As we know, koha means gift, offering, donation, contribution, especially one that maintains social relationships and expressions of reciprocity. On a practical level, koha is a contribution towards the costs of an event, but on a deeper, and more personal level, koha can symbolise an expression of deep gratitude and affection. The koha reflects the mana of both the giver and the recipient, reflecting what the giver is able to give, and the esteem they hold of the person or group they are making the gift to - and hence plays an important part in cementing good relations.


By linking these two disparate yet similar traditions, we can provide a firm foundation for Koha - Pay As Led. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial resources and the value you believe your time at the Settlement and participation in this seminar brings to your life and to Friends. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to pay as you are led, and to make any koha that feels appropriate to you.


The QEF subsidy is available for Quakers and family members participating in a seminar for one seminar per annum and covers 50% of the Traditional Charge. We invite you to apply for the QEF subsidy for this seminar if appropriate by checking the box when registering. Please then indicate what your contribution will be.


To assist your reflection and choice of payment, we offer the following “Pay as Led” fee scale (all rates are GST inclusive):


Traditional: this amount covers our costs plus an extra contribution that helps equalise the cost for everyone and enabling greater    


Covering Costs: this amount covers our costs including catering at $60 per day.

Choose Your Price: if you would like to contribute/ koha more or need to koha less, you can choose your own price.


Prices shown are for a weekend seminar; from the evening meal on Friday to lunch on Sunday, including all meals at $25 per day.


Fee Scale


Covering Costs

Choose your Price




0 - $180+

Cabins/ Bunkroom/ Family Room



0 - $140+

Camping – Caravan or





0 - $120+

0 - $80+

Own accommodation



0 - $100+

Online participation only



0 - $50+




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Seminars, Workshops & Courses
Whanganui Settlement
76 Virginia Rd
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Send any queries about the programme to Peter Watson at earlyyearstoys@gmail.com


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