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How To Donate To Us

Donations to support Quaker concerns 

We welcome support for Quaker concerns and activities.  There are international Quaker bodies supporting peace, justice and Quaker unity.  In Aotearoa New Zealand there are local and national activities in support of Quaker spiritual development and our concerns about peace, social justice and the environment.  Contact us for advice if you wish to make a donation.

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If you wish to make a bequest, it is helpful if the conditions are not too specific. There have been examples of bequests that are very difficult to use because the specified purpose is no longer possible.

If you are managing a bequest made to a particular Quaker entity or concern, the Yearly Meeting Clerk can advise on the appropriate entity to receive the bequest and how to make the payment.

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Members or Attenders wishing to support their local meeting and Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends is open to everyone and does not set membership fees, annual subscriptions or tithe.  

Members support the work of our Society by giving voluntary service and donations according to our ability.  For each of us, our financial state and other demands on us will vary from time to time in our lives. 

If you wish to contribute financially, talk to your Monthly Meeting’s Treasurer about how to make a one off or regular donation. The most convenient method for making a regular donation is by direct credit to the Monthly Meeting's bank account. If you wish, a receipt will be issued each year which may entitle you to claim a tax rebate.