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Experiment with Light


Experiment with Light is a simple meditation practice in which we develop the capacity to sense what Spirit is wanting to convey to us. This relationship with the ‘Inward Light' is the foundation of the Quaker way.


If you are interested in exploring this for yourself you are welcome to join one of our groups which meets alternate Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons by Zoom. Non Quakers welcome. 


We meet by Zoom, so distance is no obstacle to joining in!


Books of interest


Books about the Experiment with Light process are available to buy from Quaker Books Sales:

  • Rex Ambler, Light to live by, 2nd edition 2009
  • John Lampen, Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, 2008
  • Klaus Huber, Mind the Light, 2018
  • Rex Ambler, Truth of the Heart, 2nd edition 2007


Meditations to do on your own

There is a web application for Android or Apple providing guided meditations on either the individual or the world. 

For a free download go to your App store and search for  Experiment with Light.


Page for discussion and feedback

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