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Quakerism - a religion for the 21st century (podcast)

Listen to Ashley Macmillan, Dunedin Monthly Meeting's newest member, and Murray Short, long-standing Friend and former Clerk of Quakers in Aotearoa New Zealand, share their views on what Quakerism has to offer us in the 21st century - a 56-minute podcast on Marvin Hubbard's Community or Chaos radio show on Otago Access Radio.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Ashley and Murray reflect on the origins of the Quaker movement during the English Civil War, the involvement of Quakers in social action and peace-building, and the importance of a spiritual community in an age of individualism.

Marvin Hubbard is a member of Dunedin Worship group. His weekly one-to-one interviews with thinkers on politics, sustainability, culture and faith are available as podcasts on the OAR website.

[Image: Quakers vigil for a moving planet, London, by on, licensed under Creative Commons non-commercial share-alive licence.]