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QCE - Update - AWPS on educating Children for Sustainability



Dear Colleagues

The Climate Emergency Network of the AWPS (Asia West Pacific Section of the Friends World Committee for Consultation) features this month at 8pm, Sunday 26th June Lisa Wriley on “Educating Children for Sustainability”.  Zoom Link below


Zoom linkMeeting ID: 830 7880 5024 Passcode: 244862 Kathmandu/Bhopal 1:30pm Hong Kong 4pm, Tokyo 5pm, Sydney 6pm, Dunedin 8pm

Click HERE for the full AWPS Newsletter.

Spirituality of Climate Change. The Christchurch-based group explored the spiritual response to climate changed last Sunday based on a short video by Joanna Macey about facing the pain of the world. The group is continuing to explore how to express and share their emotions, and how to share their experience with a broader group of people.

There is a much fuller 21 minute video exploring many aspects of one’s relationship to the world, to oneself, the community, how to live in the present and move forward. Joanna also has an  extensive set of activities


Potential for Local Government Campaigning? Consider contributing in some way with the PSA initiative. See attached file.

Check out this active community climate group in Nelson, the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum.

How can we think about the future?  Try this TED Talk by a couple who have seriously experimented with the future.  

Let us know of any ideas or needs you have

In peace

Gray Southon

John Michaelis


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