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Archival Futures Committee Page


Archival Futures Committee Page

This page was on the old website quaker.org.nz

The national Quaker Futures Committee supports Meetings and individual Friends to engage with the challenges presented by threats to the future, especially climate change.

The Futures Committee have organised action programmes for Meetings to implement, run workshops at Whanganui Settlement and at Summer Gathering, and distributed information on the causes and consequences of climate change. They have made submissions to Government and commented on Government policy.  

A Vision

Wouldn’t it be great if Quakers all around the country were sharing their ideas on how we could, individually and collectively, work towards a better future?

Keep in touch with developments by checking quaker.org.nz/futures, email <futurescommittee@quaker.org.nz> , phone 0211 020 977 or mail Gray Southon, 5 Arden St, Tauranga, 3112.

Carbon Emissions - Guidelines for Personal Action


Opportunities for Collective and Political Action

15 Friends' thoughts on Climate Change and Spirituality from; Albie Burgers, Jimmy Green, Marvin Hubbard, Helen Kingston, Rick Kooperberg, Don Mead, Viola Palmer, Anne Potaka, Murray Short, Gray Southon, Jack Woodward, Bobbie Woodward, Richard Milne, Mary Rose and Liz Remmerswaal. (this page is only available to those logged in).

Quakers Facing the Future

How can we move forward honouring those who will inhabit the future?

               A web-based discussion program for Quakers

Much was revealed about Quaker thinking at the recent Summer Gathering


      Can we carry these ideas forward, engaging the best of Quaker spirit?

We have chosen to use a locally written discussion forum Loomio as a relatively controlled environment for exchange, without the intrusion and promotion of Facebook.

If you have not been given the link, check with the Futures Committee  to have it sent to you.

               Give us your thoughts and feelings on questions such as:

·        How do I respond to the challenges of the future?

o   How do you find people around you responding?

o   Is this response adequate?

·        Do Quakers have anything special to contribute?

·        How would you like Quakers to contribute as a group?

o   What sort of role would you like to play?


What is the Quaker Futures Committee?

A group committed to helping Quakers deal with the challenges of the future. It does not prescribe what Quakers should do, but encourages them to consider the issues, do what they can in their personal lives, and work with others, inside and outside Quakers to do what they are best able to.

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