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Summer Gathering 2022

Wednesday, 28 December 2022 - Monday, 02 January 2023

Naumai Haere Mai!

We’re glad you’re interested in Summer Gathering 2022-23.

Registrations are now open! To register please click here 

Here are the basics:


Starts: Wednesday 28 December 2022

Finishes: Sunday 2 January 2023


               Marsden Bay Christian Camp

               89A One Tree Point Rd, Ruakaka, Northland 0118

               Phone:  021 686 397




               Friends in Northern Monthly Meeting 

               Contact us: email: summer.gathering@quaker.org.nz or by phone: - 09 378 8008



15 November: We really want your registration by this date, and if possible, full payment.

This gives us time to plan and organise. Starting from 15 November, accommodation will be allocated, and the menu finalised.

14 December: Final day to enrol

(That gives us a crazy fortnight to try to finalise final final planning prior to the start of Summer Gathering….)


Our theme:

Aroha mai aroha atu is a Māori whakataukī which speaks of interconnections between us.

Have a think what it could mean for you. Joel Hildebrandt and Judy Lightstone’s article in the Aotearoa NZ Friends Newsletter is a good starting point – look on p. 15 of this pdf:   https://quakers.nz/sites/default/files/u1161/ANZFNL_2021_11.pdf


For registrations received by 15 Nov


  Full time adult


  Part Time adult


  • 4 nights


  • 3 nights


  • 2 nights


Day visitor – for one day (or for the first day, if coming for more than 1 day as a visitor) including meals 

Day visitor - 2nd (and subsequent) days including meals                                                                                                                                                           


$38 per day



Children aged 0-17: Free

Young people aged 18-24: Half Price

For registrations received between 16 Nov and 14 Dec


  Full time adult


  Part Time adult


  • 4 nights


  • 3 nights


  • 2 nights


Day visitor – for one day (or for the first day if coming for more than 1 day as a visitor) including meals

Day visitor - for 2nd (and subsequent) days (including meals)

$70 per day

$38 per day



Children aged 0-17: Free

Young people aged 18-24: Half Price


 We are again planning menus that draw on local produce with an emphasis on plant-based meals – as much as possible. This is in line with our Yearly Meetings commitment that gatherings will be vegetarian. Friends are welcome to contribute locally grown food – for example, jams, herb teas, relishes, and preserves. If possible, please inform the organisers in advance.

Special diets – we will do our best to cater for special diets, including those who require meat.

Meat vouchers can be purchased for $7 per meal to cover the cost of bringing in and cooking the meat.

Other special diets – let us know by 15 November. It really helps to know well in advance who we are catering for.  


Accommodation options:

  • Family rooms
  • Bunk Rooms
  • Tenting / camper vans

To get familiar with the accommodation options, visit the Marsden Bay CC website: www.marsdenbay.co.nz . There are lots of photos.

The Summer Gathering organising committee has decided to have a standard charge - regardless of accommodation. So campers will pay the same amount as those staying in bunk rooms and in the family rooms.

We anticipate that there will be strong demand for the ‘Family Rooms’ which provide the most privacy (other than a tent or caravan…).

Amongst the ten family rooms, there is one room with two single beds. The other nine family rooms consist of a double bed plus a set of bunkbeds (two single beds). We intend to initially allocate the ten ‘family rooms’ to families with young children and to those with disabilities.

The 12 bunkrooms are spacious and some have double beds.

Friends will be responsible for bringing their own bedding, including pillows, and towels.


Transport to the Site:

We have booked a 12-seater minibus to take Summer Gatherers from Mt Eden Meeting House to Marsden Bay Christian Camp (and back).

The InterCity bus between Auckland and Whangarei stops on Highway 1 at the intersection with Highway 15 (Port Marsden Highway). We will be running a shuttle from there to the camp – for those that let us know they’re coming that way! At the time of writing, the cost of the bus to Ruakākā from Auckland is $26/person.

We may be able to organise carpooling from Auckland, but no guarantees as Summer Gatherers’ cars are likely to also be carrying supplies and equipment.


What about children and young people?

Marsden Bay Christian Camp has excellent facilities for children and young people. To see some of what’s available there, visit Marsden Bay’s website: https://marsdenbay.co.nz/

We are offering a ‘Play’ programme each morning. Children are welcome – but children are welcome to participate in other activities as well. And adults who enjoy making things and the company of children are welcome to come along to the 'Play' programme which will be a mixture of activities leading towards the last night’s ‘Concert’…. So someone's age doesn't determine who they spend the morning with...


Financial support

Our Yearly Meeting is providing funding so that those under aged 18 years old can attend free, and that those aged 18-24 years old can attend for half price.

For those keen to attend Summer Gathering but who find the cost is too high, please make contact as early as possible with your worship group’s pastoral care committee (it may have a different name) to see what support is available locally, as well as what support can be made available nationally, with the support of your worship group.

If you have difficulties with this, please contact the Summer Gathering organisers.


What about Young Friends’ accommodation?

There are several small freestanding cabins which we are setting aside for Young Friends.


The purpose of Summer Gathering:

Summer Gatherings are an annual intergenerational community-building event amongst Friends of Aotearoa. The organisation of Summer Gathering moves around the country and each Summer Gathering is shaped by the local context.

As much as there is a programme planned for Friends to participate in, Summer Gathering is also about everyone pitching in to create Summer Gathering.

So Summer Gatherers are expected to participate in the running of the event – helping in the kitchen, helping with the children, helping by cleaning the loos, helping by serving on an essential committee such as Steering Committee or Pastoral Care, helping by being fully present at Meetings for Worship….


What is special about Summer Gathering 2022-23?

It is the first Summer Gathering to be held in Northland.

It is a relatively short Summer Gathering. This is the result of increased demand on the facilities because of cancellations from the summer of 2021-22. We are grateful to have five nights at Marsden Bay as there were no other suitable options.

It is the first Summer Gathering to be held during an active pandemic. We are monitoring the situation and will be following public health advice.

We don’t anticipate cancelling Summer Gathering but will do so if necessary to keep Friends safe. If that happens, full refunds will be given.


How will we manage the risk of spreading Covid-19?

We don’t know what the situation will be in December. 

But it will likely be a sensible precaution for everyone to test themselves for Covid prior to leaving home. 

Summer Gatherers should plan to bring and wear masks.  

Marsden Bay Christian Camp’s meeting spaces (dining room, hall) are well ventilated. There are covered outdoor areas where people can meet and where they can also eat.

Shared sleeping facilities may be problematic especially for those with existing medical conditions. In that situation, we encourage Friends to request space in a family room, to camp, to hire/bring a camper van, find a local friend to stay with, or to make use of local motels.

If you're unwell, please stay home. If you have to cancel your summer gathering enrolment, we'll do our best to make a full refund. 


What about global warming?

We are doing what we can. The decision to have a mostly plant-based menu is one way we can keep down our collective carbon footprint. We are aiming for zero waste. We encourage Summer Gatherers to consider offsetting their travel by purchasing carbon credits. There are many ways to calculate your carbon footprint and to purchase credits. Here are some places to start:


Pre- and post-Summer Gathering possibilities

We are keenly aware that Friends are likely to want to see more of Northland.

  • Who wants to go camping after Summer Gathering?
  • Who wants to go tramping?
  • Who wants to go cycling?
  • Does anyone in Northland want some help with their property? (Maybe some Friends can give you a hand?)

We’ll be opening a ‘forum’ on the Quaker website (quakers.nz) where Friends can get planning.

Any questions? Email the organisers: summer.gathering@quaker.org.nz.

E mihi ana!




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