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Summer Gathering 2021-22

Wednesday, 29 December 2021 - Tuesday, 04 January 2022

Registrations for Summer Gathering 2021 are now open! To register go to

This year Summer Gathering will be held near Ruakaka, opposite Whangarei Heads and some 40 km. south by road from Whangarei. The venue is the Marsden Bay Christian Camp. The site is very well appointed and close to the coast.

Whether or not you have been to previous Summer Gatherings you are invited to come this year to what we hope will be a joyous time together in the sunny north. Bring your family or come on your own. Invite those who you think would benefit from joining with Friends in an immersive experience for 6 days.

From 29th December to 4th January we will come together to catch-up, relax, share in worship, explore and learn from each other. Note: Summer Gathering starts at 4pm on December 29th, we don't have access to the site before then.

The theme this year is Aroha mai, aroha atu, and because we are also going to be learning some Te Reo Maori you are invited to investigate the meaning of this saying yourselves.

We have kept the costs as low as possible but if you need additional financial assistance please approach the pastoral care Friends in your Meeting. Those under 18 are free, those 18 to 25, inclusive, are half-cost and others are $400 for full-time attendance. If you answer the registration questions below you will see the exact costs for your particular case.

There is a small discount for those who register before 15th October, the standard rate applies from then to 15th November, and from then to the close-off date of 15th December an additional charge will apply.

Please don’t wait too long to decide.

For more information about the venue, visit:

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National Gatherings
Marsden Bay Christian Camp
89A One Tree Point Road
Ruakākā 0118
New Zealand

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