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Faith and Practice Revision Committee

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To participate in Quaker Faith and Practice Revision, start here. (You need to be logged in to access this page).

The decision to revise our Quaker Faith and Practice was made in 2021 and the revision committee was formed. The decision was made to integrate new material into our existing Quaker Faith and Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The chapters in the existing Faith and Practice provide the framework for the ‘chapters’ that Discernment Groups and interested individuals can engage with. There are about 300 pieces of writing that need to be considered. Chapters vary in length and number of entries. An average size chapter would be about 40 entries.    

While the Revision Committee has overall responsibility, the Discernment Groups are key to the Revision Committee understanding the enduring value of what is being offered for inclusion in the revision. Input from individual Friends is also welcome.

The goal is present the revised Quaker Faith and Practice at Yearly Meeting 2024 - in both digital and printed versions.




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