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Standard Forms

There are a number of standard Forms used by Quakers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Transfer of Membership

When Friends move and wish to transfer their membership to another Meeting, they should initiate the process by asking the clerk of their original Meeting to ask their MM to agree to the transfer. When this is done and minuted, the membership clerk of that meeting (which may be the MM Clerk or another appointed person) will then fill in two copies of the Certificate for Transfer of Membership, one to be kept and the other to be sent to the clerk of the Meeting to which membership is being transferred. This Meeting in turn will ask MM to agree to the transfer. If it is agreed and when it has been minuted, then the membership clerk of that Meeting will complete two copies of the Certificate of Acceptance of Transfer of Membership, one to be kept and the other to be sent to the membership clerk of the initiating Meeting.

When recording the Monthly Meeting minutes the clerk should use the the Minute of Transfer template. When the meeting minutes are signed, a notice is automatically generated asking the Listholder to update the records of the meeting and the profile of the person who is accepted into membership at the new Monthly Meeting.

You can download these forms here: Transfer of Membership forms (both on one page)

Information to assist Monthly meetings in the case of death: funeral instructions

If you want Quakers to be involved in with your funeral / memorial service/ Meeting for Worship to give thanks for your life we ask you to provide information to assist us in our role. If you are not wanting Quakers to be involved it is also helpful for us to know.

You can download a form for Quaker Funeral Instructions: 

This form will enable assist in your funeral to be as you would want it to be. When complete please save as a pdf and upload it to your User Account on For instructions on how to do this, log on to the website, go to Connect> User Guide and look for the instructions under Basics for Beginners. Alternatively, put a copy in a sealed envelope with your name and date on it and give it to a member of Ministry and Oversight. The User Data Manager can help you upload it to the website.

We suggest that you give a copy to family or friends who are likely to be involved with arranging this Meeting for Worship.

If your death is likely to be in the near future we suggest you talk with a member of Ministry and Oversight or another Quaker about your wishes as expressed here.

We recommend you review this form every five years.

We suggest you also complete an Advanced Care Plan



More Forms will be added as they come to hand.