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Quaker Faith & Practice


Quaker Faith & Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2004

Quaker Faith and Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand  is a collection of passages written by Aotearoa New Zealand Friends, illustrating our spiritual and religious experiences and how we implement our faith in our lives.

Its partner volume is our Quaker Handbook, which describes and gives guidance on our structure and practice. The website text of the Handbook is updated as changes are agreed.

Our Yearly Meeting originated with Quakers from Britain who had settled here, so the British Quaker tradition, from its start in the 17th century, is part of our inheritance.


Quaker Faith & Practice - Britain Yearly Meeting 1995

For British Friends, this book combines the functions of our Quaker Faith and Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand and our Quaker Handbook. It offers a rich anthology of passages written by Friends from the earliest years onwards, which Friends here value to complement our own writings.

In reading the practice and procedure material, Friends need to be aware that some of these practices and procedures differ from our approach in Aotearoa New Zealand and it is our Quaker Handbook that is relevant here.

Quakers worldwide find many of these writings inspiring and thought-provoking. It is both a practical reference book, and a rich anthology of quotations from nearly 350 years of Quakerism.

The above books will be in the local Meeting House library and can be purchased from Quaker Books in hardback or paperback.


Books of Faith & Practice worldwide

Many Yearly Meetings and other Friends groups worldwide have developed their own books of Faith and Practice (by various titles), to express their own experience of Truth and to give guidance on procedure.

Monthly Meeting libraries may have some, particularly This We Can Say (Australia Yearly Meeting, with whom we have close ties).

Others may be available online; links with the various Yearly Meetings can be found under the four geographical Sections in fwcc.world.